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Indibala founded by Leena Bansal NIFT graduate in 2003, now have well captured Indian subcontinent, North Europe, South west Europe and North American market. Starting with 10 people now Indibala has grown its strength to more than 150 employees till growing day by day capturing new markets creating new relations and nurturing existing. Indibala Collections is a designer and manufacturer of stylish and quality women's clothing and accessories having a varied product range, in style and very competitively priced. Shaping the dreams into reality right from creating the designs selection of high quality cloths and manufacturing the dresses for retailers, wholesalers and distributors around the world with a production capacity of 5000 pieces per day.

Indibala's core focus is on:

  • Quality - We source only the highest quality fabrics and textiles based on the price range of the garment. Our garments have neat stitching, stylish patters and a shrink resistant finish. That is why we use strictly Woven, knitted, jersey, cotton and polyester fabrics.
  • Design - Our in house designer has 12 years of experience in designing women's clothing. Our factory is modern and equipped with varied types of machines to produce garments from simple to intricate design specifications.
  • Fashionable - Our product line is never old and stale. We work to constantly stay updated on the latest fashion and design trends thus making our line desirable in most markets around the world.
  • Reputable - In being a member of AEPC, we agree to meet certain safety standards for our clothing and for the conditions of our factory workers.
  • Reliable - Our network includes sales representatives in Europe who are ready to assist you with any questions, orders or issues you may have.
  • Flexible - We can create our own designs or take your very own custom design and work with you to create a garment or an entire line and even create custom packaging. Our capacity ensures the quantities that you order will be produced in the agreed upon time frame.